The ABL Difference

ABL Safety Helmet and Gear

Amalgamated Builders Limited (ABL) is a privately-owned construction company that has operated in the South Island since 1972.

We have a reputation for quality that is only surpassed by our reputation for safety. 

ABL place the client at the heart of everything we do. Dreams and aspirations become a reality and our clients become our friends by knowing us, liking us and trusting us.

The longevity of our company is testament to the relationships we have formed during our nearly half century. We have an open and constructive style that translates into innovative thinking, practical building solutions and no surprises for our clients.

ABL can provide the full range of construction services required to deliver large-scale and complex projects that offer accountability, technical expertise and attention to detail. We take responsibility for seamless construction management.  

Health & Safety

ABL has, as its first priority, the health, safety and welfare of its employees and all those affected by its activities, including the general public. It is important to us that everyone on our sites goes home without incident at the end of every day. Our approach to health & safety follows the principles of good risk management to eliminate, reduce and minimise residual risks in the workplace.


At ABL, we have an inherent belief in our ability to deliver outstanding projects and customer service that permeates through our culture, our values and our people. For over 40 years, we have developed, challenged and refined our support systems and delivery model with the sole purpose of 'building' and achieving excellence.


ABL has a strong ethos of ownership and responsibility for workmanship that promotes a ‘right first time’ approach to avoid re-work and duplication of effort. This philosophy aims to avoid or minimise defects through the construction process and to achieve a building that performs - with certainty of delivery.


We use a three-phase process of consideration which commences before start on site and proceeds through to site management and control;

  1. Environment Appraisal
  2. Environment Familiarisation
  3. Environment Monitoring 

These important stages provide systematic identification, evaluation and management of key potential environmental effects including atmospheric emissions, discharges, spillages, noise, dust, fumes, waste and hazardous substances.

They also provide the actions needed to mitigate or reduce the environmental effects for each special or routine operation within the construction operations and sequence identified in the construction programme.

ABL has established a framework for safety, health and environmental management throughout the company to maintain its integrity and credibility within the market place and community.

We have both in-house and associate capability to manage and implement the Green Star environmental rating system and we are committed to providing solutions that exceed the requirements developed by the NZ Green Building Council.

Programme and Risk Profile

Today's construction, design and management has become progressively more complex with greater demand for fast track project delivery. We give our clients 'peace of mind' with a realistic and fully resourced programme to plan for success, control and monitor progress and highlight any potential changes to the project risk profile during design, construction and close out.

Innovation and Adding Value

The best and smartest build solutions are not merely a repeat from experience—they require open thinking without boundaries to explore new technologies and applications that find the optimum delivery for each project…...then provide leadership to achieve it.

Our approach to Design and Construction management is to bring ‘practical builder smarts’ to the table at the outset, underpinning our promise of bringing real value and build-ability to the project.



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