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ABL offers a full range of construction related services to our South Island clients, backed up by the resources of our significant supply chain. We can complete small projects such as getting your maintenance carried out, right through to building you an entirely new town centre as seen in Invercargill. We can come on board once you are ready to start building work, or we can get involved right from the stage that you have the first “vision” of the project, and can fulfil an advisor role in the process from the very beginning, or get deeply involved and take your ideas from concept, through design, and to completion of the build.

Construction Management

This is your standard delivery method on contracts throughout NZ. ABL gets involved once the project is designed and a price is accepted either through a tender or negotiated process. We then work with the consultants and manage our own staff, subcontractors, and greater supply chain to complete the construction of the project and deliver your project in line with your expectations. This is a very traditional model that has been used for a very long time with success, but there are other methods that often reduce risks to the client better than this model, particularly on complicated and risky projects. We also argue that don’t try and allocate risk to one party or the other, find ways to remove or mitigate the risk.

Early Contractor Involvement/Engagement

One increasing popular way to help remove and mitigate risk is the ECI/ECE model that many clients have been adopting over recent years. The main premise of this model is the introduction of the contractor at a very early stage in the project's evolution. Ideally before any design starts so that the experience of the contractor can be called upon when making all design decisions. The contractor can help make sure buildability is well considered, help mitigate all sorts of project risks by first identifying them and then offering mitigation suggestions. Important early considerations include project access and site constraints, alongside educated choices on products and systems.

Alliance Services

In this day and age where resources are scarce and projects are increasing in size, delivering projects using an Alliance model are often the best way forward. This creates the ability for contractors to service their existing clients as well as contributing to a large project. An example of this being the Milton Prison whereby a large Alliance was formed including main contractors, and large subcontractors to deliver the project for the national contractor who could not otherwise deliver in the short time frames, with limited resources, available. ABL were the driving force and lead on this Alliance. Forsyth Barr Stadium was another example of Alliance Services working to provide a large project in a short time frame. ABL has been practicing these services since the Tiwai Point Smelter was built.

Concrete and Fitout Subcontract Services

Being a contractor with traditional roots, we carry a large internal workforce with huge experience in concrete and carpentry services. Not only can we use these resources to make sure our own buildings are adequately resourced, we are able to provide these other resources to carry out concrete structures for others and to provide fitting out services. Fitting out is a significant work stream for our business given that the vast majority of projects in the likes of Dunedin and Invercargill are carried out on existing buildings, often Heritage buildings at that, where experience in this work is critical to success.

Supply Chain

Without a large trusted supply chain, successful delivery of projects would not be achievable. The commitment of our supply chain in the South Island is second to none, allowing us to perform consistently with regard quality, time and price point. The importance of this resource simply cannot be underestimated.

Project Feasibility

With our experience of being in this game for close to 50 years we have a lot of records around building costs and what can and cannot be done economically. Add to this the issues we experiencing around resourcing, with some trades being much more of an issue than others, we are able to provide services at the very beginning of a project to enable decisions to be made on feasibility before large sums of money are spent. Because we are going to be building your project, we need to get the feasibility right, when often professionals who are not builders will get this wrong, and by the time this is realised, you are too far down the road to reverse things.

Nationwide Delivery, NZCA

ABL is one of 3 founding members of the NZ Construction Alliance. We are made up of 9 contractors that cover the whole of NZ each being stand out performers in their own regions. NZCA Partners provide a network of professional, capable construction experts that can undertake projects throughout New Zealand. So not only can ABL deliver your projects in the South, we can make sure like-minded contractors with the same values as ABL can do this for you anywhere in New Zealand.


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