ABL's Team Approach

ABL consulting with Puzzling World Wanaka

A Team Approach

The ABL team is our greatest strength.  We have a flexible, dynamic team with local knowledge, international experience and an appetite for challenging traditional thinking.

ABL adopt a team approach to our projects, working closely with our Client’s throughout all stages of a project life-cycle. 

We pride ourselves on training and staff retention, while recruiting new staff who bring complementary skill sets and a long term approach to our team.

ABL employs over 160 experienced and capable staff across four regional branches, with a multi-trade workforce and a successful apprenticeship programme. 

Many of our team have ‘come up through the ranks’ - people we have trained and who have remained with us for extensive periods of time.

We know our staff and our team and they know our expectations for delivery.

A key ABL ‘point of difference’ is that we directly employ a multi-trade workforce in each of the four South Island regions that we operate in. Our prices are more certain and our costs are more predictable.

As well as our dedicated labour resources, our management team has a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience acquired in New Zealand and from overseas.

Each one of our four regional Directors/Managers focuses on delivering projects in their geographical area with a senior management team using their diverse range of industry experience and competencies to shape the strategic direction of the company. 

ABL has also recently introduced a Business Development role to support the growth and organisational development of the South Island business.