ABL Tender Terms & Conditions



Tenderers must make themselves fully conversant with this invitation and the Main Contract terms Conditions therein as they will apply equally to all Subcontractors insofar as their own work and responsibilities are concerned. Unless clearly noted otherwise in written tender submissions, subcontractor’s quotations are automatically presumed to include for a complete working system for trade sections of work and service inclusive of any integration with other contractors work that may be necessary. The costs of any failure by trades to liaise and include for such work or equipment will be equally split between those errant trades, unless the cost can be recovered through a variation.

Should you propose to offer a Subcontract tender containing any deviation from the terms stated herein, such offer must clearly state which items are excluded and why and be delivered in writing at least four (4) hours before the closing time of subcontract tenders.


  1. All successful Tenderers will be required to enter into a formal Subcontract Agreement as a condition of acceptance, using the New Zealand Registered Master Builders Federation Incorporated Subcontract Agreement and Conditions of Contract SC1/June 2003 and any special conditions that may apply to this project. (A copy of the Subcontract Agreement and Conditions of Contracts SC1/June 2003 are available upon request from our office).
  2. Acceptance of any tender will be subject to
    • A satisfactory time schedule being agreed. The Subcontractor shall be cognisant of the required time for completion and must allow for all costs to ensure the Subcontract work shall be completed without delay to the Main Contract.
    • Provision of Health & Safety systems that meet ABL approved contractor requirements and fully comply with the Health & Safety at work Act 2015.
  3. Acceptance of any tender is at the sole and absolute discretion of ABL. ABL shall not be required to disclose any details of other tenders submitted nor their reasons for acceptance of any tender. ABL at its sole discretion reserves the right to:
    • refuse to accept any tender not complying with these terms and conditions;
    • waive any irregularity in the tender process;
    • negotiate with any tenderer to the exclusion of others; and
    • decline to accept the lowest tender.
  4. Any tender submitted shall be irrevocable for 5 working days after beyond the tender validity period stated in the head contract conditions of tender.
  5. For any work that is classified as Registered Building Work pursuant to the Building Act 2004 (the “Act”), then each subcontractor warrants and confirms to ABL that upon submission of a tender they are a Licensed Building Practitioner pursuant to the Act and shall (if their tender is accepted) continue to hold such accreditation during the period of the subcontract.
  6. Each subcontractor shall be solely responsible to download all tender information including any updates made available by ABL. Each subcontractor assumes all liability for any error or misinterpretation of the tender documents.