In Memoriam Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart started with ABL in 1986 as a Foreman in Queenstown and died still working at ABL in October this year in the role of Dunedin Construction Manager.

Trevor was a mans man, down to earth, a leader, a mentor, a friend. He was astute, knowledgeable, practical and helpful.

He also liked a good argument, loved his rugby, usually with a beer and a gamble on the horses and the company of his workmates.

He was highly respected within the industry, not just within ABL. His training of apprentices is well acknowledged as being exemplary, with more than one of our competitors sending their son to be trained under Trevor.

Trevor’s door was always open from 6 am in the morning and the boys knew they could come and see him and have a conversation before the rest of the team came to work.

Over many years in the construction industry, he has seen many changes and took on new challenges better than most. Adapting to new technology well, even the computer.

He never said no to anyone applying for leave, he would always find a way to make it work, even if it meant him covering the site while his staff were away.

Trevor also was also a demanding man; he expected high standards and his staff knew that.

Trevor was amazing at finding solutions in difficult situations and he has instilled this trait in his men, better to make a bad decision than not to make a decision at all.

Trev delivered many projects for in Dunedin either as a Site Foreman or in his role of Construction Supervisor. Some of his significant projects include:


  • Dunedin Casino 
  • McLaggan St Warehouse, now being re-purposed into ORC head office. 
  • Dunedin Chinese Gardens
  • Milton Prison
  • Forsyth Barr Stadium 
  • Hunter Centre
  • Otago House Redevelopment
  • Dunedin Town Hall Redevelopment
  • Law Courts Redevelopment and many many more

Trevor loved his family and was incredibly proud of his kids and grandkids.

He will be missed by his ABL family as much as his wife, kids and grandkids.