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GWD Motor Group Queenstown

  • Underfloor heating from a waste oil boiler
  • Large insulated roller doors & ceiling
  • 2700 square metres of asphaltic hotmix concrete

With high large decorative exposed precast panels, and expansive areas of glass, exposed structural steel, polished concrete floors, and massive covered soffit areas, GWD Remarkable Motors is sure to impress.

The building comprises a showroom, with an area of 436m2, a large workshop facility, with an area of over 700m2, sales offices, parts areas, reception, lunch areas, and a large mezzanine. The siteworks required that over 2700m2 of asphaltic hotmix concrete was laid.

Roller doors to the workshop areas are fast action insulated type, and a large insulated suspended ceiling is provided throughout.

Services are typically modern, and the building is heated via under-floor heating powered by a waste oil boiler.

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Project Details

Contract Value
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10 Months
Year of Completion
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