Projects - Milton Prison - Dunedin

Milton Prison - Dunedin

  • Concrete & Steel cell blocks
  • High level of services for each cell required
  • ABL saved $1M from the budget during their portion of the build

This project was carried out under a Collaborative Working Arrangement under the management of Hawkins Construction. ABL were one of 7 builders on site and we carried out 3 of the Cell Blocks. ABL was the first builder on site and the last to leave, carrying out the largest amount of the building work of the builders involved.

The cell blocks were predominantly of concrete and steel construction with a high level of services. Meeting the programme and budget was of critical importance with the programme being adhered to and the overall project being adhered to, but with ABL providing a saving to budget of just on $1M, we were by far the best performing of the building contractors on site.

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Project Details

Contract Value
Contract Period
20 Months
Year of Completion
Project Location