Projects - Pitches Store Ophir

Pitches Store Ophir

  • Original building rebuilt in 1883
  • Derelict from 1950 - 2006
  • Colleen & David Hurd restored the building, strengthening, redeveloping, replacing the broken facade & adding an extra storey.

Pitches Store opened in 1863 and, when the original building burned down, it was rebuilt in 1883. The new building was partially destroyed by fire in the 1950s and was left derelict and used for storage until current owners Colleen and David Hurd bought it seven years ago and undertook a labour of love to return it to its past glory. 

This modest building in the main street of Ophir, Central Otago, had little going for it. It had passed through many commercial uses over the century, with a variety of expedient but ugly alterations. The owners had an audacious vision however, and after a comprehensive strengthening and redevelopment project now have a fine building comprising bar, restaurant and six accommodation suites.

The project involved demolition of virtually everything behind the front facade, which itself required extensive restoration. The sympathetic rebuild included adding an extra story within a steeper pitched roof, as well as a large extension to the rear. The strategy was to rebuild the roof in the original form and restore the street views of the building to its 1880’s appearance. In order to provide the necessary floor area for the enterprise, some of the volume created by the replacement roof was used for bedrooms. In addition a lean-to form away from the street provided the extra floor area required so that the finished building would be large enough for 6 suites plus restaurant.

The original stone was sympathetically refurbished in a way that has avoided an over restored too perfect look. This building has been brought back from the brink and its future is secure for another hundred years.

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