Projects - Puzzling World Sculpture Illusion Gallery, Wanaka

Puzzling World Sculpture Illusion Gallery, Wanaka

  • Built through a heavy winter to achieve a stunning result for the coming tourist season.
  • Seamless flow for users between original and new buildings

Puzzling World is a long-established Wanaka tourist attraction, using a sequence of illusions to confound visitors and show them that all is not as it seems.

This quirky extension celebrates the illusions within, but provided many challenges for a construction team that worked through a heavy winter to achieve a stunning result.

Many difficult issues were overcome by “the team” who worked in a true spirit of collaboration. A great result and a great addition to Wanaka’s tourist attractions.

Themed around an illusionary sculpture garden, the gallery invites visitors to wander around the exhibits, whilst providing flow and completes the circulation to the existing areas of the buildings.

The 530sq m illusionary sculpture room is the fifth and largest Illusion Room and was built over eight-and-a-half months by ABL for approximately $2.5 million. The attraction includes a turned-on tap that seems to float in the air, benches that seem to have no stands, a cascading ceiling, columns that become people, a vertical garden and a unique collection of sculptures from local and national artists.

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8 Months
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