Queenstown penthouse reserved for the mega-rich

The super-rich are expected to be flooding into Queenstown after a Kiwi businessman made a bold addition to a historic hotel, and stamped it with a $10,000-per-night price tag. 

Andrew Cox is the owner of Eichardt's Hotel and is working to bring the super rich from overseas here on holiday.  

The Canterbury-born man says New Zealand does luxury tourism "better than anyone else" and is certainly putting his money on it.

"Everyone I've showed it to just wants to move in, so I think that's a pretty good endorsement," he told TVNZ's Seven Sharp.

The penthouse is the jewel in Queenstown's accommodation crown, featuring a private lift, spa pool, sauna, personal chef and butler.

Reporter Mike Thorpe couldn't help but try out Michael the butler's services while he was there for opening day.

"Michael... Michael... Michael!" he demanded, seeming to fit in well to the rock'n'roll way of living. 

The penthouse pad is 240 square metres of luxury, and Mr Cox knows it.

"You can stand on the balcony and look at Coronet Peak, the Remarkables over there... I mean, where else would you want to be?"

At $10,000 a night, it's a world that most of us can only dream about entering, but the Melbourne-based man says there's been "very strong interest" from "ultra-high net worth individuals".

He is a proud Kiwi and one of Queenstown's biggest fans.

"I'm not the owner of Eichardt's, ultimately I'm a custodian of it... This is a hotel that's been around since 1971 so it will survive my time," he says.

"You've got to respect that."