Projects - Invercargill Airport Terminal

Invercargill Airport Terminal

  • Carried out in two stages, over 18 months
  • A gross floor area of just under 3500m²
  • Designed to cater for the present and future demands

The recently completed Invercargill Airport New Terminal Building has now been officially opened by Prime Minister John Key (14 April). The original terminal was constructed in 1964 and was well past its use by date.

The construction of this new landmark facility, and to maintain full airport services throughout, was carried out in 2 stages over 18 months and is now being touted as the “benchmark” for other regional airports looking at redevelopment.

Due to the water table and inferior ground conditions at the airport site an extensive ground works construction was carried out using a stone column/RAP design which then had a 1.2m thick platform layer over the top to give the new build a very solid base to construct from.

With a gross floor area just under 3500m2, 1700m2 of polished/coloured floor slab, clear span construction using steelwork & glulam beam, sound reduction ceiling construction, fully automated heating & ventilation system and the ability to easily “add on a bay” this building will certainly cater for the current and future demands that maybe placed on it.

Locals have for a long time bemoaned that the luggage collection was not under the same roof but now have two (arrivals & departures) areas to deposit and collect baggage whilst remaining inside the building.

Other facilities that were also introduced or upgraded were a new Café/shop, upmarket Koru Lounge, Rental Car booths, Stewart Island flight offices as well as IAL’s new offices & training facilities.

Constructed in somewhat trying weather conditions this is definitely a building to be proud of!

At the New Zealand Institute of Architect's 2017 Southern Architecture Awards the Judges presented the Architects for the project, Warren & Mahoney Architects, the winning award for Public Architecture, with the following comments:

"A strong, simple form with local references is distinguished by exemplary planning and excellent way-finding. The interior benefits from well-handled natural lighting, and the project overall has been executed with admirable attention to detail."

The project also picked up a Resene Colour Award on the same night with following commendation:

"A device as simple as choosing a lime yellow for the framing of the arrival and departure doors is so helpful to the first time visitor to this new airport building. This is a good example of the intelligent use of colour to aid building performance."

Project Details

Contract Period
18 months
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