Projects - Splash Palace New Foyer, Changing Rooms, & Hydroslides

Splash Palace New Foyer, Changing Rooms, & Hydroslides

Construction of new 15m high access tower, water services plantroom and structural slab to support a hydro slide structure for the Invercargill City Council that boasts one of New Zealand's highest three-waterslide networks, one for body sliders, one for 1 or 2 person rafts, and a third, more challenging ride depicted as a pitch-black thrill-ride.

The project's design & implementation was vertically stacked to utilise the limited allocated space as efficiently as possible. Precise sequencing & planning was utilised to assure all access & lifting during the build process was within the allocated area of the final structure. This assured minimal disruption to the adjacent facilities during the construction phase.

The lowest level of the project is concealed underground, containing large water tanks and water services that drive the water circulation throughout the new hydroslide complex. 

Above the tanks & water services is the structural slab. Steel screw piling in significant concrete foundations were required along with a 500mm mass concrete slab over the slide structure area.

Above the structural slab, the water slide structure was built and then the final brightly coloured tubes were carefully lifted into place within the site confines, connected to the structural supports & each other, and connected to the water system after the final finishing touches were completed.

The changing rooms were an extension to the existing building consisting of concrete masonry walls, insulated panel roof with a fibre cement façade cladding and specialist finished floors.

The foyer received an extensive upgrade with and new fitout including café reception joinery, ceilings, floor coverings with an altered layout to improve functionality. All works were completed within a fully operational swimming pool complex meaning careful consideration was given to safety of all pool users, with coordination of site deliveries and onsite activities being key to the successful delivery of this project.

Just before opening day, the slides were test ridden by the Friends of Splash Palace, Invercargill City Youth Councillors, and head pupils from the local high schools all of whom gave the new facilities positive reviews saying "it was really good fun" and "I'm definitely going to be up here in the holidays".

Project Details

Contract Value
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12 Months
Year of Completion
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