Hayden Stafford

Construction Manager

Hayden has rapidly progressed within the ABL team since starting as an apprentice in 2007 with his self-motivation to learn and improve being backed by ABL.

His ability to look ahead to see issues well before they arise is one of his key strengths.  Hayden has successfully carried out numerous large-scale projects for ABL over recent years, which are continually delivered through his incredible skill, strong desire to learn and his continued drive to deliver quality projects.

Hayden is highly respected in Otago construction industry and is known for his communication, calmness, team approach and his work ethics.

A key member of ABL both today and for the future, we feel any project will be enhanced by Hayden’s involvement.

Some of the projects Hayden has worked on are:

  • Kaan's Catering Development
  • Pharmacy VPPL Redevelopment
  • Cityscape Apartments Filleul Street
  • Mini Thinkers Childcare Development
  • Department of Conservation Redevelopment, John
  • Wickliffe House
  • Victoria Hotel Redevelopment
  • Otago Radiology Redevelopment
  • BP Oil D6 Offstream Works
  • Multipeak Fitness Tenancy Fitout

Hayden's work ethic and commitment to achieving results is second to none. He is a good communicator and will slot well into any construction management team environment.

Hayden Stafford
Construction Manager