Projects - ILT Stadium Southland Redevelopment

ILT Stadium Southland Redevelopment

  • Constructed over a 10,000m² area
  • Built post Christchurch earthquakes and utilises a range of old, new and innovative construction and techniques
  • Multi million dollar fit out

The indoor sports complex ILT Stadium Southland was constructed over a 10,000m² area with a clear span of 100m² and is unique in that it has the latest technology in building systems and equipment.

This 43 million dollar building is clearly Southlands entertaining show piece and will be the heart of Southland's sporting and entertainment for many years to come.

Constructed post Christchurch earthquakes, a wide range of old, new and innovative construction and engineering techniques were used. These included inventive steelwork design, state of the art visual displays and operating systems, multifunctional corporate facilities, a ground breaking climbing wall area and a multi million dollar fit out which all involved continuous on and off site co-ordination with more than 100 suppliers, subcontractors and consultants.

• Total building area 10,000m2
• Weight of structural steel - 850 tonne
• Quantity of concrete 3600m3 
• 150 precast units total weight being 2,200 tonne 
• Total weight of reinforcing 300 tonne 
• 6000m2 of specialist timber flooring
• 120km of electrical cabling 
• 1500 light fittings 
• 15,000 litres of paint 
• Latest technology in building management systems

Project Details

Contract Value
Contract Period
30 months
Year of Completion
Project Location