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Queenstown Four Square

The renovation project involved updating the exterior appearance of the building by changing the facade and creating a new exit at the back of the building.

In addition to the facade changes and new/exit points, the renovation project also encompassed significant upgrades to the Mechanical Services and security systems of the building.
These enhancements improved the functionality and safety of the building, providing a more modern and efficient environment for its customers.

The renovation project also included upgrading the roof and replacing flashings. These improvements addressed potential maintenance issues and ensured the building’s structural integrity and weatherproofing.

Four Square is currently requiring all 226 of their owner operated stores to undergo a brand refresh nationwide, with Foodstuffs South Island launching this first of their revamped stores right here in Queenstown. The new layouts prioritise fresh produce, technology and highlight that they are keeping their prices down. 

As well as an aesthetic makeover, more self-checkouts have been installed to assure that shoppers are able to enjoy the convenience that is now expected as grocery shopping trends have shown that more shoppers are shopping during the week, including a rise in prevalence for fresh food and easy meal options, so Four Square's upgrades have been designed to facilitate these new shopping habits.

Project Details

Contract Value
Contract Period
12 Months
Year of Completion
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